The new Hemisphere Hypothesis of McGilchrist (2021) has the potential to change the global mindset.

The veracity of the Hypothesis will be tested over time, but if, as I believe, McGilchrist has landed on the overarching explanation for how we experience and perceive the world, then the ‘truth will out’.

If rolled out effectively, it could provide the momentum needed for the more balanced mode of thinking that is required to take back control of human affairs from the new imperium of the three global drivers.

Techniques to achieve this are already widely available and well-tested, but in a world dominated by left hemisphere thinking, the resistance to change will be considerable, if not impossible for large sectors of the population.

To overcome this, the rollout strategy outlined in the EMERGENT World narrative offers a possible approach. Two populations would be targeted: (1) those already on the journey of growing global awareness and (using the vehicle of the widespread Mindfulness Program, (2) young adults, still attending school.

On a personal level, this is also a journey that answers humankind’s most enduring question: ‘WHO AM I?’ – a question that is now made more approachable by the new Hemisphere Hypothesis.



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