Throughout the dialogues I have referenced many organisations that have helped me to develop the global perspective of the main parameters making up the ‘real’ Model. Particularly important in the 1st Version has been many of the UN Organisations, notably, the UN Population Division, FAO, WHO, IMF, WBG, IOM, WTO; various academic-based institutions – most noteworthy, Our World in Data ( and the V-Dem Institute (v-; and a variety of other philanthropic bodies such as Wikipedia. These organisations, that freely provide objective accurate information about the world, represent one of the great civilising achievements of Humankind over the past fifty years, fully deserving our financial and political support.

For the production of the avatar-driven introduction, I would like to thank Alex Kolster and Ali Çağan Uzman, Senior Graphic Designer- Lecturer, Beykoz University, Turkey Graphic Design Department and the actor Martin Ouvry for the voiceovers.

Thanks to the IDS-LOGIC team, in particular David Foster and Bhawna Singh for their help in re-designing the website.

Finally, thanks to Dr. Danny Clarke Lowes ( who provided, from the rear view mirror of a car, the photograph of the signpost to Wet Side Edge from Wrynose Pass, Lake District, that opens the introduction to the website.