The Euro-Block is now planning to re- classify nuclear and natural gas as sustainable ‘green’ investments


The challenge of the Energy Transition over the next thirty years is to find a way to reduce global warming while ensuring a continuous flow of energy.


The Fossil Fuel Dilemma (Dialogue 6)

The Four World Outcomes follow different strategies but only in the EMERGENT WORLD are policies adopted that strike a balance between the need to reduce warming by replacing high carbon emitting fossil fuels such as coal and diesel, with low emitting fuels such as natural gas and nuclear to ensure continuous supply. The Euro-Block’s proposals announced this month to re-classify nuclear and some forms of natural gas as ‘green activity’ will allow investment in ‘continuous-flow energy sources’ that are now desperately needed to avoid the power cuts and economic disarray that the pure green policies of the ANXIOUS WORLD fail to avoid.