Something important . . . unfolding

As increasing population, rising levels of pollution and declining resources begin to shape our economic, political and social lives, another change is occurring that could create the foundation for bringing these three global drivers under control.

New neurological techniques over the past twenty years, combined with observations from the Humanities and Arts over many centuries, have provided a comprehensive explanation for how we attend to, and comprehend, the world around us.

The new Hemisphere Hypothesis of McGilchrist (2010, 2020), which is receiving growing support from a wide range of global thinkers, is a vital corrective step in our understanding of how we relate: to one another, to Nature and to spiritual matters.

Since the early 2000’s when the Segmented World Project was first conceived – a simpler version of the Hemisphere Hypothesis has been the basis for HOW people THINK and ACT. This new interpretation greatly increases the depth and breadth of the narratives on which drive the Segmented World Model.




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