Prince William rejects space tourism and talks of climate anxiety, urging ‘great minds to focus on repairing the planet’.


As Dialogue 1 explains, living sustainably on a Full-Up planet will  require a combination of greater Global Cooperation and a re direction of our Innovation toward resolving the problems created by  the three global drivers. 

The responsibility to achieve this lies not just with those in power but  also with all educated individuals to speak out – particularly those in  the public eye who can attract global attention. 

In this regard it was gratifying to read the remarks of Prince William  in a recent BBC Interview regarding the new phenomenon of space  tourism. (Prince William: Saving Earth should come before space  tourism – BBC News).  

‘We need some of the world’s greatest brains and minds fixed on  trying to repair this planet, not trying to find the next place to go and  live ‘ 

He also made the point of there being a ‘fundamental question’ over  the carbon cost of space flights and ‘a rise in climate anxiety’ among  young people who whose ‘futures are basically threatened the whole  time’.

In contrast, the justification given by those funding and participating  in the first flights have relied on spurious links between this form of  ultra-consumerism and benefits for Humankind, long into the future.  (BBC Future: Six reasons why space tourism matters)  

One cannot help but the reflect on Suetonius’s comments on 1st Century Rome and regard those wealthy individuals financing these  vanity projects, as little more than modern-day Nero’s – holidaying  while the earth burns.