Global Cooperation – AM-Block Leader describes his vision of an EMERGENT-type World


President Biden’s ‘remarks’ to the 76th Session of the United Nations  General Assembly (www. contained  many memorable quotes that are consistent with the outlook of a  Powerblock leader from the EMERGENT WORLD of the ‘real’  Segmented World Model. 

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the clear and urgent choice that we face  here at the dawning of what must be a decisive decade for our world  — a decade that will quite literally determine our futures. 

As a global community, we’re challenged by urgent and looming  crises wherein lie enormous opportunities if — if — we can summon  the will and resolve to seize these opportunities. 

This is not a knee-jerk, populist speech triggered by the pandemic, but one made by an Administration that ‘gets’ the totality of the  global problem and recognises that the only solution has to include a  far greater degree of global cooperation. It lays the basis for what  the ‘real’ Model calls the EMERGENT WORLD


Figure 1: Taken from Dialogue 1: The GC-FI Matrix World Views

Will we affirm and uphold the human dignity and human rights under  which nations in common cause, more than seven decades ago,  formed this institution? 

Will we apply and strengthen the core tenets of the international  system, including the U.N. Charter and the Universal Declaration of  Human Rights, as we seek to shape the emergence of new  technologies and deter new threats? Or will we allow these universal  — those universal principles to be trampled and twisted in the pursuit  of naked political power? 

In my view, how we answer these questions in this moment — whether  we choose to fight for our shared future or not — will reverberate for  generations yet to come. 

Simply put: We stand, in my view, a eyes on devoting our resources to the challenges that hold the keys to  our collective future: ending this pandemic; addressing the climate  crisis; managing the shifts in global power dynamics; shaping the  rules of the world on vital issues like trade, cyber, and emerging  technologies; and facing thet an inflection point in  history. And I’m here today to share with you how the United States  intends to work with partners and allies to answer these questions and  the commitment of my new administration to help lead the world  toward a more peaceful, prosperous future for all people. 

Instead of continuing to fight the wars of the past, we are fixing our  threat of terrorism as it stands today. 

There’s a fundamental truth of the 21st century within each of our  own countries and as a global community that our own success is  bound up with others succeeding as well.

There is much more . . . and I urge anyone with a concern over the  future to read the whole speech and . . . of course speak out in  support of statespersons, like Biden, who have the courage to put  their personal and, to some extent, their national interest, to one  side, and follow an EMERGENT WORLD-type path.