Big Business in 2050

How will the relationship between Government and Big Business evolve over the next thirty years?

 Over the past fifty years, globalisation has redefined the meaning of the phrase: Realms of the Estate. The main forces driving society today are no longer the Clergy, the Nobility, the People and the Press.

The Segmented World Model adopts a Dual Estate perspective with Government and Big Business as the main means by which Humankind shapes society. By ‘Government’ is meant the border-restricted ‘Nation States’ while ‘Big Business’ refers to private, cross-border, multinational organisations.

The Dual Estate is an incompatible but highly dependent relationship with the Nation State armed and controlling demand, while Big Business acts as the main source of global innovation and information.

As Full-Up Decline begins to bite, Government reorganisation into Powerblocks etc., will largely dictate the future role of Big Business. In the most cooperative outcomes, Big Business retains its ‘Global’ reach, while in the outcomes where global cooperation declines, Big Business becomes Market restricted – effectively ‘National’ entities, politically bracketed.

Two extremes are also envisaged in the Model as Governments either unify to create a global governance forum – combining with Big Business to focus on resolving the main cross border issues (the three global drivers) or, become independent, armed entities, as economic collapse spreads – similar to that witnessed during the breakup of the Soviet Union in the 1990’s